Campus Life

As a liberal arts college of science and engineering university, the school has always attached great importance to the construction of campus culture, based on the advantageous integration of engineering, literature and art disciplines, to tap the potential and gather the characteristics. Diverse academic lectures, colorful cultural activities, vigorous campus competitions and blooming student associations make the college full of cultural atmosphere and youthful vitality.

1. Culture. Through "Wisdom", "Beauty • talk", "Pivot", "Traditional Culture Workshop" and other communities to build a cultural platform. "Wisdom" holds high the ideal torch to ignite passion, sticks to the humanistic feelings of the spiritual position, sets up five sections, including Wisdom forum, Wisdom magazine, Wisdom salon, Wisdom study tour and Wisdom new media, it carries out colorful humanistic quality education activities by theme, scene and type. "Beauty • talk " regularly invites experts and scholars from various industries inside and outside the university to discuss thoughts, life, society and the world with the audience in the large scope of aesthetics, so as to improve the aesthetic ability of the audience. "Pivot exhibition studio" organically combines "moral education" and "art education" to establish an art creative community for college students, which has three functions, namely, visual art practice and experience, exhibition arrangement and arrangement, as well as incubation of cultural and creative industry entrepreneurship projects. The "Traditional Culture Workshop" takes excellent teachers' volunteer team and students' volunteer team as the practice team, and it carries out activities such as "making Chinese into the Wall" to promote traditional culture in the way of public welfare.

2. Cultural and creative industry. We will create a cultural and creative platform for college students, that is, "the highest creation", fully mobilize cultural and creative intellectual elements, develop campus architecture, culture of school history and other resources to provide students with platform of professional practice, innovation and entrepreneurship as well as knowledge achievement conversion.

3. Art. The exhibition of Hujiang art museum promotes the artistic quality, engineering aesthetic education and artistic moral education of science and engineering college students, and also becomes a beautiful scene on campus.

4. Sports. Through the activity of winter long-distance running rally and night running to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up, "running in the chill spring air" and other activities, to encourage students to "go out of the network and dormitory but go to the playground", and to inspire students’ willing of study, attention of sports and pursuit of healthy life.