Department of Printing and Packaging Engineering

The department has printing engineering program (honors) and packaging engineering program.

Printing engineering is an interdisciplinary discipline integrating electronic technology, computer application technology, equipment automation technology, information processing and graphic reproduction technology. The program is intended to cultivate senior engineering and technical talents versed with integrative automation technology, electronic technology and computer application technology and graphic reproduction technology to operate and manage machinery and equipment, design and develop mechanical and electrical products, reproduce information, design and manage products and processes for printing and packaging industry. The Excellent Engineers Course adopts “3+1” training mode, with engineering education as the mainstay and campus-enterprise joint training as effective way to equip students with excellent capabilities for engineering and innovation.

Packaging engineering researches on the subject of product packaging and its logistics process. This program is intended to cultivate senior applied engineering and managerial talents who have the capabilities to design packaging for transportation, packaged product style and packaging machinery, control packaged product quality, develop new packaging structure, technology, process and equipment. The packaging engineering program has two directions of packaging technology and packaging automation. The packaging technology program trains students to solve the damage caused to the products during the transportation and selling process, ensure product safety, and facilitate storage and handling. The packaging automation program focuses on automated packaging process, intelligent packaging equipment, green packaging materials, high-quality and efficient packaging systems.