Department of Industrial Design

The department has industrial design program and product design program.

Industrial design is an integrated innovation activity that integrates the use of scientific and technological achievements, social, economic, cultural, aesthetic and other knowledge to integrate and optimize the functions, structure, shape and packaging of industrial products. This program is intended to cultivate high-level industrial designers with basic theory, knowledge and application capabilities of industrial design to be capable in industrial product design in enterprises, institutions, specialized design departments, and research institutes, etc.

Product design is an interdisciplinary and comprehensive profession involving modern art, engineering technology, branding and marketing. Its research scope includes product form aesthetics & innovative functions, production & consumption, as well as relationship between products, people and environment. This program focuses on the design of daily necessities, furniture, fashion jewelry, communication product, and modern home appliance, etc. This program has developed rapidly in recent years - it has won many awards in various international design competitions, and has gradually formed its own characteristics. Relying on the geographical advantages of Shanghai as a fashion center and closely following the trend of fashion design, the program has established expertise in fashion home product design, furniture design and jewelry design that combine theoretical and practical teaching. Externally, it has established a partnership with a number of industry associations; internally, it has implemented mentor studio system, and gradually brought the industry, enterprises and schools together to apply theories in practice.

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