Department of Environmental Design

The department has public art program and environmental design program. Established on the basis of comprehensive art program, the public art program takes the comprehensive media and materials research as the direction for practice, and helps students to master and apply various art methods into public space. The department attaches great importance to the humanities education and cultivation of cultural and artistic competencies for students, so that they can have good employment opportunities in the society after graduation. The department focuses on helping students to study professional theories in a systematic way,and develop hands-on ability for artistic creation and design, so as to cultivate modern versatile talents with profound knowledge, strong sense of innovation, excellent hands-on ability, and great artistic thinking ability. The program has a good-quality faculty team, and the students will be appropriately arranged to participate in relevant social practices, so that they can go out of the campus to be tested by social tasks. With the aim to combine theory and practice, it has established practical places such as comprehensive art materials laboratory, imaging laboratory, printmaking laboratory and ceramic art laboratory, etc.

Relying on the advantages of the college’s comprehensive academic platform, the environmental design program has formed its unique features, and its disciplines can be divided into two directions - interior design and landscape architecture design. With a faculty team with high academic level and strong hands-on capabilities, the teachers and students have won more than 10 provincial and ministerial-level gold and silver design awards, as well as more than 20 awards in the design competitions at home and abroad. The program has established 4 innovative design and practice bases with leading enterprises in the industry, forming a design and innovation platform based in Shanghai to benefit surrounding regions and serve the whole nation, thereby promoting regional economic and social development. The program consists of two directions - interior design and landscape architecture design.