Department of Art Design

The program consists of two directions - visual communication design and printed art design. Centering around brand design, the visual communication design program has established a special curriculum system to meet the needs of society with “core curriculum + professional competency”. In the past five years, our students have achieved good results and won many gold, silver and bronze awards in many professional competitions, such as National College Student Advertising Design Competition, Star of China, China College Student Book Design Exhibition, and STDecaux Public Service Advertising Competition, etc.

The printed art design program is dedicated to the design research based on the modern design art theory and various emerging print media. The program is intended to cultivate high-quality professionals with solid knowledge of modern art design and strong design and production capabilities; with their own unique innovative design concepts, they are able to skillfully use various cutting-edge modern design tools and creatively apply them in book sample design and high-end packaging design. The printing art design program has made great progress in recent years and won many awards in various competitions at home and abroad. In particular, it has been taking the leading position in the research of book binding design, poster design, and electronic publication design, etc.